Financing a New Construction Home

You Know the Home You Want, We Know How to Make it Happen

New construction homes are a competitive marketplace, and knowing exactly how far your money will go is key to making the winning offer on your dream home. If you’re tired of bidding wars that go nowhere, or if you just want the best chance at making the right offer at the right time, New American Funding has the resources you need.

Reach Your Dreams With Qualified Advice

You know the home you want – and no matter what that looks like, New American Funding helps households just like yours make it happen. Whether that means easy-to-use financing calculators and data sets, advice from leading local experts, or a selection of financial products to fit your situation, You’ll find it at New American Funding.

Loans to Help You Get the Most From a Home

There are a variety of mortgage types for any financial situation. First-time homebuyers, current homeowners looking to leverage their equity, and buyers who want additional assistance will all find there’s a loan type to help them reach their goals. It’s easy to find out what you qualify for, apply, and manage your loans and applications right here online!

Rates, Calculators, and The Latest Housing Market News

In the housing market, it literally pays to know where you stand. In addition to financing products, homebuyers can find the latest news on the housing market, reliable information on rates, and convenient tools to plan for the future. Get a head start, visit New American Funding and equip yourself with all the knowledge you need for homebuying success.