Sponsorship Opportunities

A New Way of Reaching Builders

What’s New Atlanta provides access to new builder relationships and provides added-value to your current builder clients.


How Can I Leverage What’s New Atlanta for My Business?

This sponsorship provides access to the What’s New Atlanta video platform by offering a complimentary video to current and future builders. By offering a value-added service to your builders, you reinforce your value and open the door for new builder relationships.


How Will What’s New Atlanta Market to My Key Audiences?

What’s New Atlanta has a strategic paid and organic advertising campaign targeting Builders, Consumers and Realtors. The goal is to create a FREE video advertising service to builders across metro Atlanta to support their business.


  • Introduction to current WNA Builders
  • Free video for you to offer to your target builders as a ‘foot-in-the-door’ and a value-add service
  • Free video to offer to your current builders to increase loyalty and goodwill


  • Email campaign to interested homebuyers via VIP list
  • Social media posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Geo-fencing targeting a 15-mile radius of featured communities
  • Google AdWords targeting out of state buyers moving to Georgia
  • Google AdWords and social media ads targeting consumers


  • Sales meeting access targeting Realtors
  • Realtor email platform with access to 20,000+ metro Atlanta Realtors
  • Social media advertisements targeting Realtors

“Our business growth relies on creating relationships with builders. What’s New Atlanta is a fresh approach to helping us meet our goals.”

– Randy McMichael, McMichael & Gray

“What’s New Atlanta has created a tool that helps my team access builders. They help create a relationship we can leverage.”

– Kelly Allison, VP New American Funding